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We offer Screen & Battery Replacement Services for iPhone.

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iPhone Screen Replacement Services Disclaimer if Back is Brocken we do not change back is Better Buy a New one. The Screens are non Apple there replacement screens.

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    • iPhone X $70 
    • iPhone XS $70 .
    • iPhone XS Max $105 .
    • iPhone XR $88

Sreen Replacement Labor Cost on Iphone is $50 in Samsung is $75.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max $185.00
  • iPhone 12 Pro $155.00
  • iPhone 12 =$155.00
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max $135.00

Screen Replacement Labor Cost on iPhone is $50 in Samsung is $75.

  • iPhone 11 Pro $75.00
  • iPhone 11 $87.00
  • iPhone 8 Plus $60.00

Screen Replacement Labor Cost on Iphone is $50 in Samsung is $75

Sometimes We Drop our Smartphone or We Crash Our Drone, Drop Our Laptops or Sit on Our Devices Well no Worries, Our Staff at Dronomo Can Help You Get You Back to Browsing, Talking & Flying we offer Apple iPhone Repair Same Day Service Depending on The Jobs at hand We Can Replace Your iPhone Screen In 30 Minutes Depending on Parts on Hand, some Phones Screens are Premium Items & Take 

2 Hours to Get Delivered, if we do not have Screen on Hand. The time Frame to Repair Drones can Take Some Days due to some parts are not on hand especially Mother Boards & Core Boards. We offer Computer Repair Services Also Some Repairs Take 1 to 2 days Depending on What is Wrong & if Data needs to be Transfer Screen Replacement on laptops.

Are also Fixed & those we do order we do not keep Laptop Screens in stock due to the Thousands of Laptop Models & Sizes.

electronics & Water do Not go well in some cases you might be a lucky person where the device does turn on a work but 

remember you should not count on it make sure you get data transfer to another device before it goes out again that would be my suggestion if a device hits Salt water you should not try to fix 9 time out of 10 that Device is Gone. Unless you take the Necessary Preparation at the point of the Incident like wash with Denature alcohol make sure all water is Washed away with that substance.

Most of our work is Guarantee for 90 days & Parts & Labor Parts Have a 1-year Manufacturer warranty but you have to make sure that they do not have Physical Damage at the point of claiming your warranty. On water damage devices we just Promise to bring back to life for data Transfer if possible after that No warranties.

Contact Information is email: [email protected] Tel : 713-647-0009

Mailing Address: 9769 ½ Long point Rd Houston Texas 77055  att: Office of the CEO