S10 OLED assembly

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a stunning OLED display assembly that is renowned for its vibrant colors, deep blacks, and sharp resolution. Here’s a breakdown of the OLED assembly in the Galaxy S10:

  1. OLED Panel: At the heart of the display assembly is the OLED panel itself. Samsung is a leader in OLED technology, and the S10’s display showcases their expertise. The panel produces rich, vivid colors and offers excellent contrast ratios.
  2. Touchscreen Digitizer: On top of the OLED panel sits the touchscreen digitizer, which translates touch inputs into signals that the phone’s processor can understand. It allows users to interact with the phone through touch gestures.
  3. Glass Cover: The OLED panel and digitizer are protected by a durable glass cover, typically made of Corning Gorilla Glass or similar materials. This glass cover provides scratch resistance and protects the delicate components underneath.
  4. Frame/Chassis: Surrounding the OLED assembly is the phone’s frame or chassis, which provides structural support and houses other components such as the battery, processor, and camera modules. It’s usually made of aluminum or another lightweight yet sturdy material.
  5. Adhesive: Various adhesives are used to secure the OLED assembly to the phone’s frame and ensure that it stays in place during use. These adhesives also help to seal the device against dust and water ingress, contributing to the phone’s IP68 water and dust resistance rating.
  6. Connectors and Cables: Inside the phone’s frame, there are connectors and cables that link the OLED assembly to the phone’s motherboard and other internal components. These cables transmit signals for the display, touchscreen, and other functions.
  7. This is a Stand Alone Display Does not include Flex for speaker.


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